Fabric is the first platform enabling accredited investors to invest in architecturally significant homes while reducing their carbon footprint.

Quality homes with quality returns matched with a social mission. Fabric will sell securities in an unregistered offering. This private placement will be pursuant to rule 506(c) and will be filed with the SEC under Regulation D.

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The Platform - Curated, architecturally significant low-carbon homes

Fabric is a platform that allows investors to invest in best-in-class residential assets (yield, appreciation, architecture & quality) while reducing the carbon footprint of those assets.

We manage the entire process from purchase to sale and operate the assets as rentals, giving our investors a competitive IRR.

We are uniquely focused on the quality of the architecture and the low-carbon nature of the houses which are optimized for medium to long-term rentals.

We manage the whole process of investing and operating

Consumer behaviour is shifting and living in an environmentally conscious way is becoming increasingly desirable. We have seen this at scale with the EV revolution and we believe housing is next.

The built environment accounts for 45% of carbon emissions. For the first time, there is a very real opportunity with technological advances to invest in off-grid and semi-autonomous housing with long-term returns.

By retrofitting existing assets to code well beyond 2030, and developing new projects that are at the bleeding edge of energy conservation we lead the charge where developers and homeowners aren’t willing to take the risk. As owner/operator, we are incentivized to do so.

High-Quality Assets

Our unrivaled data set gives us access to architect-designed properties in carefully selected areas of the USA. Our architectural experts hand-pick each asset for quality, suitability for decarbonization, stability, and operational suitability.

Annual Dividends

Unlike other assets, Real Estate creates dividends for its investors.

Bricks and Mortar

These are turbulent times. While other assets might sell a promise of higher dividends and appreciation, Real Estate is revenue-generating, benefits from capital appreciation, and is a volatility and inflation hedge.

Flexible Asset Class

The properties we select can adapt to different economic climates, be it medium to long-term rentals and events.

Low Supply, High Demand

A two-fold opportunity; As Real Estate is inherently slow-moving, we anticipate that as an industry it will be slow to react to these consumer changes, creating an increasing demand for the available assets and simultaneously due to the quality of the properties, rental demand is higher than average.

Architecture as an Asset

Investing in Fabric introduces you to a new asset class: recognized masterpieces of architecture designed and constructed to leave a lasting artistic legacy.

Fabric properties are handpicked and negotiated by a team that lives and breathes architecture, and we understand its unique contribution to the built environment. These are properties of impeccable quality, perfectly preserved, have the potential to work well off-grid or semi-autonomously, and are managed to be unique homes and rentals.

Properties that make up the Fabric of our culture.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Invest in a single property, deal by deal, or build a custom portfolio. We help you meet your strategic targets while spreading risk across different markets and homes.

Support ESG Goals

We provide an opportunity to meet your ESG mandates whilst participating in Single Family Residential investing.

Our Mission

We want to reduce the carbon impact of single-family homes at scale. By creating a new investable asset class of landmark properties, we safeguard the future of beautiful and environmentally responsible homes.